Managed Services

Bastionpoint Technology offers a full scope of Managed Services to include Unlimited Flat Fee Support. Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Bastionpoint does just that, we partner with your business for success. Our approach means that we are your IT department. From optimizing your network’s performance, to meeting your business demands, we allow you to focus on your business - not your network. From workstations to infrastructure, we’re often asked, "what don’t you do?" Below, you'll see a comprehensive list of Managed Services that we offer!

Core Managed Services

  • Unlimited Onsite Support M-F 8AM-6PM EST
  • Unlimited Remote Support M-F 8AM-6PM EST
  • After Hours Emergency Support Weekends and Holiday
  • Asset Tracking of Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Access to Secure Payment Portal and Ticketing System
  • Third Party Vendor Management
  • Quarterly vCIO Strategy Planning Session
  • Semi-annual 105 Point IT Audit
  • Semi-annual Hardware Checkup for Servers, Network Equipment, and UPS
  • Annual Technology Plan and Budget Review Meeting
IT Support person working in Richmond VA


  • Line of Business Software Installs, Upgrades, and Migrations
  • Server Installs, Upgrades, and Migrations
  • Workstation Installs, Upgrades, and Migrations
  • Hardware, Software, and Network Procurement
  • Network and Server Design
  • Email, Office 365, GSuite Migrations
  • IT Compliance and Policy Development and Reviews
Project Manager in Richmond VA


  • Monitoring/Alerting of Critical Network Elements
  • Monitoring/Alerting of Internet Connection Availability
  • Monitoring/Alerting of Power Equipment (Managed UPS, Wattbox, ATS)  
  • Monitoring/Review/Remediation of Backup Job Missed and Failure Alerts  
  • Quarterly Backup/Restore Testing  
  • Network Devices - Support, Design, Upgrades, and Configuration  
  • Network Attached Printers – Monitoring, Replacement, and Best Effort Repair  
  • Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering (Inbound and Outbound), and Message Continuity Services
  • Ongoing Network Documentation 
IT Systems Networking wires

Server Components

  • Proactive Management of Servers and Server Resources  
  • Windows OS, Security and Software Event Log Monitoring  
  • Monthly Deployment of Microsoft Security Patches/Hotfixes  
  • Predictive Monitoring/Alerting of Disk Failure and Low Disk Space  
  • Disk Based Image Backup for Servers, Both Onsite and Offsite
Server in Richmond being repaired

Network Fortress

  • Offsite Disaster Recovery  
  • Monitoring/Alerting/Remediation for High CPU & RAM Utilization  
  • Monitoring/Alerting/Remediation of Failed Automatic Start Services 
Network router

Workstation Components

  • Proactive Management of Laptops and Desktops  
  • Predictive Monitoring/Alerting of Disk Failure and Low Disk Space  
  • Monitoring/Alerting/Remediation for High CPU & RAM Utilization  
  • Monitoring/Alerting/Remediation of Failed Automatic Start Services  
  • Nightly Windows Cleanup  
  • Disk Based Image Backup for Mission Critical Workstations  


Workstations on a table

Workstation Security

  • Monthly Deployment of Microsoft Security Patches/Hotfixes
  • 3rd Party Software Patching – Acrobat, Java, Firefox, iTunes, VLC, Dropbox, Flash, etc.
  • Enterprise End Point Security – Desktop Anti-Virus with Nightly Scan
  • Enterprise End Point Security – Desktop Anti-Malware with Nightly Scan
  • Desktop Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware Software
  • Nightly Vulnerability Scan and Patching
  • Web Filtering and Category Blocking
Workstation Server Security padlock


  • Security Awareness and Anti-Phishing Training for Employees  
  • Secure Destruction and Recycling of Obsolete Hardware  
  • Secure Remote Access for Employees to Work Computers  
  • Mobile Device Support for Work Related Functions  
  • Website Hosting for Static Sites  
  • IT Liaison Service for Sites Outside the Central VA Area 
IT Technician working on a computer

Service Level Agreement

With Our 2-Hour Response Time

A Service Level Agreement enables us to maintain staffing required to assure fast response times for your organization. If you company or organization is performing mission critical work, don't take a chance. Make sure you have top notch, fast support when you need it.

Office area with computers

Additional Services

  • Work Related to Compliance, Litigation or Forensics
  • Repair of Non-Network or Consumer Grade Printers
  • Installation and Repair of Network Cabling
  • Moving Offices to a New Location
  • Discovery and Testimony for Legal Proceedings
  • Obsolete or Line of Business Apps not Supported by Their Publisher – Best Effort Support
  • “Hand-Me-Down” Computer Reassignments